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Selasa, 29 Disember 2009



He is a person devoid of emotions
Brought up in between stores and hotels
And the noisy traffic chants devotedly
Praising the hustle and bustle of life
Polluted Gombak river and a piece of bitter love
From the Langat river, humming
Chanting eternally, raising praises
rhyming the songs of development
wrapped around your body

Once in awhile hearing the cries of humanity
That is confined within the walls of pride
Seeking escape from the clench of materialism
And the cruelties of time
Chasing thousands of lust
And spoiling millions of opportunities

Some day
I ‘ll acknowledge
From a future voice, hence
Show a portrait of destruction
Framing death colored poverty
Here is where national blooms whither
And the trees of civilization dried snatched by ignorance
eventually collapsed in the debris of materialism
humanity buried in the night cemetery, without tombstone.

Translated by:

Asst Prof. Dr. Mariam Mohamed Nor

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